Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's!

Well, I'm back from my first little vacation away, and I did awesome!! I was very content meeting everyone and especially having so much room to run and play! I quickly discovered that they even have stairs, and boy did I ever enjoy going up them! I got so much attention while I was there, and played lots. We even went for a walk twice in my stroller. I really don't mind it and actually slept most of the time. I also sleep in the car for the most part. Mom's really trying to get me used to all this stuff while I'm so young. Unfortunately, Mr. Fluffy didn't have the same opportunity which is why he HATED the car! He always used to pant and practically hyperventilate when he was younger. It was only in his senior/geriatric years that he started sleeping, but it doesn't mean he enjoyed it.

Oh yeah, I'm also not scared of letting people know what I like and don't like. I hiss! Cousin Justin was playing with me today which was fine, but at one point, I was trying to eat my afternoon lunch and he was still trying to play with me. I was annoyed, so I hissed at him. Also, Grandma's neighbour was over to meet me and fell in love with me. She wanted to see how her dog would react with a cat/kitten because she really wants one, so she brought him over. Anyway, the dog was fine, I wasn't. You guessed it! I hissed at Chevy SEVERAL times actually!!

Anyway, I'm back home now and there is a lot of peace and quiet for sure! Tuesday, I have to get my first vaccines done. I'll keep you updated!

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