Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Devil IS Prada..

Lately, Mom has been calling me things like "rambunctious" and "mischievous". I'm a very curious kitten and love getting into everything no matter how dangerous things look! My carpet house was just put up a couple days ago and is already showing signs of wear. It's not my fault I have so much energy to burn! Mom's always telling me "be nice!" One time she even added "be nice or Auntie Linda won't want to catsit you!" If only she would realize that I'm just a little kitten trying to have a bit of fun and explore the world around me. It doesn't help that I'm teething too. I just want to chew everything. She also wishes I were a little more "ladylike". Apparently leaning over to wash your bum in the middle of the room isn't very um... "ladylike".

Yesterday, Mom gave me a bath. She thought I smelled so pretty and I was all silky and smooth. I actually did really well in the sink and didn't meow once! Doesn't mean I didn't try to get out though!! And sure doesn't mean I enjoyed it!!

Today, Mom's special friend came to visit me again, and she just thinks I'm so adorable! She is scared of cats though because we make her nervous. She's much more of a dog person. BUT, she still held me and played with me.

As for mom, she has been sick a LOT lately. She said it's probably the worst part about being a teacher - always being sick!! (At least for the first couple years). She started a cold yesterday and now it's a full blown nasty head cold. Mom's friend brought her some homemade broth which made her feel better. Mom thinks she's a sweetheart because she's very selfless and would do anything for her.

Spending the extra time together this weekend was awesome for both Mom and me! Back to work tomorrow though for her. :(

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