Monday, September 20, 2010

Almost a month!!

Dear readers,

Wow, Mom and I can't get over that it has been a month since we last posted!! Ironically, everything and nothing is going on with us. I'm still a growing girl (and so is Mom, but sideways. HA!) I'm actually scheduled for my spay in exactly a week from now. I'm very nervous about this, but Mom assures me I'll be ok. I sure hope so. She actually more concerned about me going nuts and ripping open some stitches. She wishes she could stay with me for a couple days, but she must work.

Speaking of work, Mom is now teaching high school. She says it is a HUGE adjustment from teaching Elementary kids, but she does enjoy it. Most of her students are great and participate very well. Of course, it would be completel unrealistic to expect all 130 of them to be excellent. She is very busy every night, but is trying hard to stay on top of everything.

Anyway, it is getting late, so we are off to bed now, but I will update later with pictures and more info.

Nighty night all!

Ms. Prada

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