Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prada's operations


Well, I dropped Prada off at the vet yesterday right after work. She was such a brave little thing, and didn't meow once when they whisked her away. I hated to have to bring her in so early since her operations were only today, but I had no other choice. It turns out that I ended up taking a sick day today because of a nasty cold. I'm sure she did ok last night though.

Ok, so you may be wondering what I mean by operationS. The spay is a given, but I had to make the difficult decision to have her declawed. I really did NOT want to have to resort to that, but I had a VERY hard time trimming her nails without having my arms shredded. I really needed to have someone else hold her down, but I don't have that luxury since there's just the two of us here. Soft Claws were not an option because she would have had those ripped off in no time. Visiting my mom's was a hassle because I couldn't let her loose without having her claw my mother's expensive chairs. She also loved to climb my back, and my back and shoulders were starting to look like a scene right out of a gory horror movie. I tried everything with her to change her behaviour, but it did nothing. Sooooo, this is what led to the decision. That, and a lot of pressure from others. Mr. Fluffy was also declawed, and he was perfectly fine (as far as I know). I trust my vet that he is skilled at performing these surgeries with minimal pain.

I just called the vet to see how my baby did, and they said she did fine and is eating and drinking. (I will believe everything when I see her. The last time they reassured me everything was fine, I had to put my cat down.) Anyway, Prada has to stay at the vet until Thursday because of the declawing. The apartment is so empty without her here. I can't wait to have my baby girl home with me.


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