Monday, September 22, 2008


Mom's in the education program at university, and she is learning how to teach music at the elementary level. It's all fine and dandy because Mom has a background in music (she has her level 6 piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music). BUT, that is in instrument.... It makes the sound FOR her. The problem is, she has to practice singing. Mom can NOT sing! To tell you the truth, I would rather listen to my cat litter going through the blender! She also has to practice the penny whistle, and we fear that the neighbours aren't feeling as entertained by it as we are. Thankfully, Mom hasn't received a notice of eviction yet (although we don't dare say this too loudly!) She has been telling me to bare with her because it's only for a semester.

PS: How long is a semester???



meemsnyc said...

You mom must be an amazing piano player!! We can't sing much either.

The Rattie Crew said...

Heh, heh, heh humans can be pretty funny!

Mr. Fluffy said...

Meemsnyc: Mom's not too bad, but she is lacking practice unfortunately. Her piano is at my grandma's. Thanks for the comment! :)

Ratties: Yup, they can be pretty silly! :P