Friday, April 16, 2010

Greetings from the new addition!

Hello everyone!!

My name is Miuccia (Miu Miu) Prada di Saks, but just call me Prada. I know it's a long name and it's actually LONGER than that because my breeder had to add a litter-related name for my registry with the CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association). As you know, I am a pedigreed kitten. I am a Seal Tortie Point Himalayan with Lynx coat pattern! I know, my breed is just as long as my name! Such complications for such a little girl!

Anyway, I will be going home to live with my new mom very soon. She is away this weekend and is very busy until Wednesday afternoon, so I think that is when I will be at my furever home! I visited my new home twice. Yesterday didn't go so well. I was very stressed and wasn't quite ready for a long visit. Today was a lot better. As a matter of fact, I didn't want to come back to my breeder's! Mom thinks I am so tiny and is very nervous about bringing home such a young kitten (I will be barely 6 weeks old when I will be going home!) My big brother Mr. Fluffy who is frolicking around Rainbow Bridge was at least 3 months old when Mom got him! The apartment is WAY too big for me right now, so my new mom set up a little area for me with my bed, toys, litter and food area. Still, I have the run of the whole place (except the bedroom which Mom describes as a "disaster area" and would take a week to find me if I went exploring in there). Still, she has to watch me very closely because I'm such a curious little explorer!! Hey, EVERYTHING is exciting (but scary) when you're about the size of a woman's foot! Mom also thinks I'm a little tomboy (or tomcat??) who is a little messy and a bit of a klutz. So I'm not living up to my name. Perhaps she should have called me "Billy-Jo" or something. MOL!

I am very independent and only like being cuddled unless it's on my terms (if not, I meow my little lungs out!!) Mom is actually scared that I'll bust a lung! She also thinks I'm too skinny (like my Auntie J). She is so scared to break me. Ok, relax lady! No wonder I was so stressed. Because of all your nervousness!! Ok, I am also sooo active right now and absolutely LOVE playing. Of course, I need a nap right after a long play session! Something else Mom's not used to. I guess my big brother was an elderly guy and slept about 22 hours a day. Wake up call for Mom... I'm a frisky little kitten!! Eventually, I will settle down, but not for a while!

Anyway, I'm glad I will get to do some "blogging"! I hope I don't break a claw!! Can't wait to tell you all about my stories!

-Princess Prada