Monday, April 26, 2010

Mr. Fluffy and other happenings..

Mom's been thinking about Mr. Fluffy a lot lately and says she misses him tremendously. She is still having a hard time accepting that he is not here. One good thing is that she is not bitter toward me (thankfully!!) for not being like him. She loves my silliness and adorable little self, but she still misses having him around which I can understand. From what I hear, he was quite the little man!

Mom says she misses him as much as she has grown to love me. I guess that is a good thing..? And she is glad to have a kitten in her life again. At least she isn't as nervous as she used to be!! Personally, I think her nervousness has been replaced by a great sense of guilt for having to leave me all day while she's at work. See, she is done her internship now, but was quickly grabbed for a long term supply position that is for the rest of the school year. She wasn't even on the supply list yet for that school district!! Great for pay cheques rolling in, but bad for quality time together. We're both looking forward to the summer now for that very reason! She will still have to work, but at least she will not have to take extra time at home to lesson plan, mark work, tests, attend meetings, workshops, conferences, etc. She misses the kids she had during her internship as difficult as the class could be. They all gave her nice cards when she left, and the supply teacher that was in on a day she was away for an interview decided to create student evaluations. Mom was almost scared to look at them (because she had to use so much discipline - in a reasonable and fair manner of course), but was very impressed and touched by all their comments. She was teary the day she left and some of the kids even cried and told her she couldn't leave. She realized that she really did make some differences in some kids lives. She will certainly never forget them.

Anyway, back to me, I do like living here!! I have sooo many toys to play with!!

Some really nice comments from the kids:
"My favourite memory of Ms. **** is that she was so nice and very easy to understand too."
"She was a great teacher and very nice. She was my favourite!"
"Ms. **** was great at teaching and always did really fun things with us."
"My favourite memory of MS. **** is always!"
"She was always really good at listening to me when I had problems. I won't forget you. You were the best!"
"My favourite memory is when she was teaching us."
"She is so much fun and was an extremely good teacher. I think she will be a good teacher."
"She is the best teacher in the world!"

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The Rattie Crew said...

Yes, Fluffy was a special little guy but I'm sure your cuteness will work out just fine! lol