Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Miss Evel Knievel kitten

I'm part kitten, part puppy and part daredevil!!!

I'm starting to adjust nicely to my new home! I'm not as jumpy or nervous now. As a matter of fact, Mom says that I have turned into a real Evel Knievel! I love to jump when I'm being handled and Mom says it's a big surprise, I haven't broken my legs yet (especially on the hard kitchen floor). It is hard to catch me before I decide to perform one of my stunts! I'm also a total kluts and Mom has had to clean up after me several times for knocking over food and water dishes and I run into things.

I'm also part puppy because I love to follow Mom around the apartment, and I carry my toys around in my mouth. I don't know how to fetch yet, but Mom is thinking of trying to teach me. For now, I just like dragging my toys to my favourite areas.

I'm a real purring machine now, and I LOVE to cuddle (especially at night in bed!!!)

Anyway, Mom mentionned some terrible "v" word today. She said I have to go to the vet on Friday for a general checkup and possible vaccinations. Doesn't that mean needles?? She assured me that I will like the nice doctor. It may be the same vet who put big brother Fluffy down.

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