Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

Good evening all!

Well, Mom took me to see Santa Paws this morning, and I was very well behaved!! As soon as we walked in, I got soooooo much attention. Everyone thought I was adorable in my little dress & in my stroller. Mom says I was amazing with Santa! The only thing is that the photographer had a hard time getting a good picture of me because I was more interested in sniffing Santa's beard and face. I smelled sooo many doggies and kitties on him - it was a lot more exciting than having a picture taken. Sadly, we are unable to view the photos online like the other years. They have a different photographer this year unfortunately, so we'll have to wait a couple weeks to get them. The other one was amazing. Mom was a little sad because the event reminded her of when she used to take Mr. Fluffy. At least it was at another location, otherwise, she thinks it would have been too hard.

After the event, Mom and I went to the pet store (Pet Smart) to buy some litter for me. The pet store allows vaccinated pets. It was my first time there, and I had a great time cruising the isles. What a busy day I had!!!

Anyway, today was also the first snow fall of the season! Mom actually put up a few Christmas decorations (I know, it IS early)... She also finished up her Xmas shopping and is ready to start wrapping everything. I still say it's too early for all this...

Here are a few pics of me checking things out!


Mom says I look like a character right out of an X-Files episode with my glowing green eyes!

Mom made this decoration when she was 8 years old in 3rd grade! That was 21 years ago,and it is still in good shape. Pretty amazing for something made out of a toilet paper roll! haha...


diddleymaz said...

What a pretty tree! love the vintage Santa!

Mr. Fluffy & Princess Prada said...

Haha, vintage Santa for sure! :)