Friday, November 19, 2010


Prada started hanging out in the sink... Funny enough, Mr. Fluffy used to do the same. Speaking of Mr. Fluffy, I was looking at his pictures, and lately, it feels as though life was so much better when he was around - it was a much happier time. If you have seen "Fried Green Tomatoes" (one of my favourite movies), it reminds me of when Ruth died - the whole town died right along with her. Same as Fluffy. He captured a lot of hearts, and when he went, everyone else did too. There was something very special about my little guy, and nobody or anything could ever replace the special soul he was. As much as I love my beautiful little girl, she doesn't capture people's hearts like he did. And honestly, if anything, I think she makes people want to stay away because of her rough play. I sure do miss my little guy... along with all the positive energy he brought into our lives. It seems so unfair. I can barely even stand my apartment because it reminds me too much of his last days here.

On another note, like brother, like sister....


Anonymous said...

I hope your heart heals soon,there are many positives as well as negatives,give Princess a chance to blossom,and rmeber Mr Fluffy needed to go,it was his time and try not to compare all the time.God bless you.

Mr. Fluffy & Princess Prada said...

Thank you for the very kind message. I think I just miss Mr. Fluffy more than usual because of the holidays coming up. It will be our first Christmas without him, but I know Prada will create wonderful memories for us. :)

Thanks again Diddleymaz. :)