Sunday, November 14, 2010

Long weekend for me, short weekend for Mom

Well, Mom is finally home with me now. As you recall, she went to visit Grandma without me this weekend. I was sooooo happy when she got back. I started meowing even before Mom opened the door. Mom felt bad that she didn't leave me more water. She was only gone overnight, but I had no water left in my bowl and my food dish was quite empty too. Next time, she will have to get a sitter to come check on me. Hopefully, I'll be able to go too though. Mom spent some time with Maya and I guess Grandma got her a party dress too!

Mom had a great weekend with her mom and aunts. She got some Xmas shopping done, and only has a few more things to get now. She says it felt like such a short weekend though, and has a LOT of work to do since report cards are coming out and parent-teacher interviews are coming up. This will be her first time doing these, so she is a little nervous.

On another note, Mom is getting anxious for her 3rd annual Xmas Bird Count which is next month. She and her birding partner have been assigned to the downtown core these past couple years, but they would like a more "nature'ish" location. They would like to see more than Gulls and Pigeons this year. The sewage lagoon would be ideal. As "fun" as it is to walk around on "beach whistles" (tampons), there really is a nice assortment of birds to be found in these spots! Fingers crossed.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Cousin Maya!

You can't really see, but the front of the dress says "Mrs. Paws" :)

If looks could kill, huh? hehehe... Maya is a very sweet kitty though. :)

Mrs. Maya Paws! :)