Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hi everyone,

In just a couple short weeks, I will be visiting Santa Claws for my first time (after all, it will be my first Xmas)! I guess Mr. Fluffy has been going the past few years and was an absolute angel. For some reason, Mom is a little more nervous about taking me. Can you believe she actually thinks that I may create a scene??? As if I would do something like that. And I still can't understand why Grandma calls me "Badness" and "Trouble". I do have an issue with the fact that Mom expects me to wear a holiday party dress.. Hmmmmm.... All proceeds from the event go toward our local SPCA, which is why Mom goes. She always buys the calendar, and last year she bought a recipe book too. We also pay for the pictures.

I have been thinking of what I'm going to ask Santa, and I know I definitely want a Cheese Chase toy. I think the "Cat Sitter vol. 2" dvd would be pretty cool too.. Oh oh.. and a new blanky, and my favourite balls (the ones with the rubber exterior). Mom says they're very hard to find and that Santa may have to make them himself in his toy shop! Whatever, as long as I get some.

Mom would like to remind all fellow animal lovers to please donate to your local shelter this holiday season. We already bought 2 big cases of canned cat food, some toys, and will be getting some blankies for them soon.


diddleymaz said...

Princess, you are going to be a spoilt Kitty this Christmas!!
be good for Mama and tell her we are giving to out local animal charities too love Blanco and Commie

Mr. Fluffy & Princess Prada said...

Hi Blanco and Commie!

So glad to hear that you are helping out the animals too!!! Hope Santa brings you lots of toys!

Thank you for visiting me! :)


The Rattie Crew said...

Or better yet, adopt a shelter pet.

Mr. Fluffy & Princess Prada said...

Rattie Crew: Eventually, we would like to. Perhaps next summer. :)