Sunday, March 28, 2010

And so it goes...

Well, it has been a little more than a week since my baby boy joined this friends and family at Rainbow Bridge. For three days straight, I was an emotional basketcase. I was very fortunate to have friends from my hometown visiting me that weekend. I truly believe I owe it to them for maintaining my sanity and saved me from sinking into a depression. The first overnights were Hell and naturally the most difficult time.

After three days, I started feeling like me again, and going back to my usual self. No tears in days, and I have been fully functional for almost a week. This weekend, I spent in my hometown for a retreat weekend with a good friend. It was nice just to get away. She was expecting me to be depressed and teary all weekend, but she was truly amazed at how quickly I picked up my shattered heart (pardon the drama here. HA!)
In all honesty, I am equally as amazed and baffled at how quickly I bounced back. YES, I certainly miss my little man more than words can say, I am still mourning my loss, and I would do anything to have him back, but I am ok. We shared almost 16 wonderful years together, and I am confident that he is in a better place. I couldn't stand to see him suffer, and I know we will meet again someday. He is ok, so I am too. He is in good hands.

I am gradually starting to move things around, etc. His food dishes are empty, cleaned, and litterbox emptied. All the vomit and carpet accidents have been cleaned up, toys and blankets gathered, the rest of his food ready to be donated to the SPCA, etc. I believe this gradual change (rather than putting everything away at once or lack of changes) was a vital process in acceptance.

We are on night 9 of 16 for burning his special candle.

As for my new little baby, I am starting to be extremely anxious to bring her home. I went to visit her tonight, and she is growing up so quickly! She is now 3 weeks old, and VERY well taken care of. I have made a final decision for her name which the breeder accepted and loves. Her full name is Miuccia (Miu Miu) Prada di Saks. Short: Miu Miu Prada or just "Prada", inspired of course by the famous Italian luxury fashion designer! Here are a few pictures of her. What a little gem!!! She has found her way to my heart, and I think my Mr.Fluffy would have adored his little baby sister!!

My little girl, Prada.

Starting to wash her little hands. Just waking up..

They're starting to play and purr now. Here she is playing with her brother after her feeding with her mother!

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The Rattie Crew said...

Quite the name! Anyway, she's a cutie. Of course all kittens are adorable.