Monday, March 8, 2010

Week at Grandma's!

Hello everyone,

Last week was March Break for Mom, so she and I decided to spend the week away at Grandma's. Everyone was so happy to see me, and I had a purrfect time! I miss Grandma so much and I really didn't want to leave to come back. I got sooooo much attention while I was there. It's not that Mom doesn't try to give me the attention I deserve, but she works lots and isn't home during the day. India didn't come along with us on our trip home. Auntie is taking care of him. I just hope she's not spoiling him more than she spoils me!

It was back to school (internship) for Mom this morning. One of the students in her class went to Punta Cana over the break and brought her back a little gift. Mom was truly touched (especially since she's not the classroom teacher) and appreciated the little "beach in a bottle". hehe...

Speaking of, Mom can't believe that there's less than 7 weeks left of her internship. She is more than halfway done! Unfortunately, she is not getting paid for it, so she is anxious to finish so she can go back to supply teaching. She also misses the students she usually teaches and will be very glad to see them again! She will certainly dearly miss a lot of the students she has now though.

Anyway, time for bed for both of us. Pictures another time. :)

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