Monday, March 22, 2010

Cat of the day award..

Hi everyone,

Mr. Fluffy used to belong to the Cat Channel website, and after such a long wait, I noticed he finally received the "Cat of the Day Award". We had been waiting so long for it. Unfortunately, it came too late, but all his friends wrote some beautiful things about him. Just thought I would share a few of the most beautiful messages they left. His little girlfriend Ms. Fluffy and best friend Napolean are especially upset.
My Darling Angel Fluffy
Baby Me and Mommy are setting here crying. We are so so sorry to here that you have went to the rainbow bridge.Baby I sure hope that you did not suffer.I love you so much and hope that you will wait on me at the bridge.Because I know that on day we will meet again. You will always be in my heart I love you.You do know that we can still write to each other even if you are at the bridge.Please tell your Mommy that we are here for her if she needs to talk to some one.Well I got to go Mommy is crying so hard she can not see to blog for me. So here is a vote. please remember that I will always Love you. Love your Miss Fluffy forever and always>"<
Angel Fluffy's Family
Angel Fluffy is doing great here,we are taking good care of him for you,be sure to look up in the sky tonight and you will see his bright star shinning down on you,he is letting his family know that he is ok here and will always be watching over you,Angel Gypsy,Bootsie,Rambo
Dear Mr. Fluffy & Family ♥
I am so sorry that you had to go over the Rainbow Bridge, Mr. Fluffy. You are one of the most beautiful kitties I have ever seen and heaven gained a most beautiful angel, when you crossed the bridge.

Dear Mr. Fluffy
You are a lovely angel, Mr. Fluffy. I know your Mama misses you so much, but you will live in a special place in her heart forever. Love and gentle hugs, Gin Gin
Dear Angel Fluffy and Family,
It is with a heavy heart we send our condolences to your family upon hearing the news of your crossing to Rainbow Bridge. You were a special kitty and will always be in the hearts and memories of your family. Our thoughts and purayers are with them during this sad and stressful time. Meows, Purrs, a gentle headbonk, and a vote, Yum Yum and Mom Lynda
Please accept our sympathy...
on the passing of you lovely Mr. Fluffy. He is no longer in pain or suffering and is with his many friends who were waiting for him at the bridge and We just know that he is one of the pretties angels there. Look to the sky and the brightest star shining is his saying he loves you and he is okay. With heartfelt sympathy Purrs from mom Sue and the gang
hello angel fluffy
we are delighted you won your cotd badge..and we are happy your pasing over the bridge has been so easy for you as there were many kitties to welcome you with open arems.we will keep a close eye on him mom and take care of him for you.angel max.
What a beautiful white fluffy kitty
you were! YES, that name was PURRFECT! We are ever so sorry that you had to cross to the Rainbow Bridge. Kittehs should live forever! We send you ANGELFOOD cake to celebrate your special ACOTD. Sending your Mom many, many hugs. The Weezers and Mom Linda
This one especially touched my heart:
Hello, Angel Mr. Fluffy,
Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge. You will be a wonderful addition to our group of angels. We are sorry you had to leave your family and we know how much you are loved and missed. But we hope it will bring comfort to them to know that you are young, healthy and whole, again. By now, you will have received your halo, wings and a star to hang in the heavens for your pawrents to see. They will know that you are watching over them. Now, we are leaving a vote to help you get your ACOTD badge. That will make your star shine even more brightly in the sky.

One day soon, when you've gotten yourself all settled, you can fly down with us as we go and check on all the sick kitties and humans. You can check on your pawrents, too. You can take some angel dust and sprinkle them so they will heal from the grief that they are experiencing.

Your family is in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this most difficult time. We are sending down comforting hugs to them. Take care. Love you!

Lots of angel purrs, prayers, hugs, love and kitty kisses,
Angel Moki and Frosty

PS I'm a white kitty, too, but short haired and I was 15 when I crossed the Bridge last October.

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