Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sick little guy..

Hello everyone,

Just to note to say that Mr. Fluffy is sick with a fecal impaction and is staying at the hospital for treatments for at least one night. He will need at least one enema (poor thing..) and they want to check his kidneys and bladder among other things because of his age and history of Feline Urological Syndrome.

Fluffy was VERY cooperative and a little trooper while the vet checked him out and emptied his anal glands. Of course, he clung to me like a Garfield caked onto a car window, but I was surprised that he walked right over to the vet when she reached for him. He took to her very well and vice versa which is great. He was also a hit with the staff. I'm sure he's in good care.

I was happy to see that they gave him a dog sized kennel! He'll have lots of room to roam (although I doubt he cares right now..) Leaving him was especially heartbreaking. I asked to see him before I left, and of course he started meowing like crazy when he saw me leaving. *sob* I just hope he can come back home tomorrow because the apartment is so empty without my little man! I already miss him like crazy!!!



diddleymaz said...

Praying he comes home soon! God bless you.asking St Francis of Assisi to intercede.

Mr. Fluffy said...

Thank you so much Diddlymaz. Your throughs and prayers and much appreciated!