Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update on Mr. Fluffy

My baby is still at the hospital until things go better for him. Unfortunately, he has been through a LOT these past few days. He had two enemas which didn't work, so the vet had to remove the impaction manually. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to remove the impaction completely, so he is expected to expell the upper portion himself. Once he does (IF he does), then he can be released.

I went to visit him after my meeting today, and the poor little guy looks like he's been run over by a freight train. He certainly wasn't the alert, wide-eyed little man I'm used to seeing! But he was still very sleepy from his sedation.

I was a little ticked off that they chose to do a dental procedure (plaque removal) without my consent though. Seems to me they could have alerted me that he was due for it and to schedule a more appropriate time once he's feeling better! At the very least, I'm hoping they did it while he was sedated. Another reason I'm not impressed is monetary reasons, naturally! I'm pretty sure I will have to be seated when I receive the vet bill, so any extra non-emergency procedures are things that can certainly wait for my wallet to cool. Needless to say, I will refuse to pay for if. Despite this, the staff at that vet is AWESOME!!

Anyway, my apartment is feeling way too empty right now. I'm not enjoying the empty space on my bed at night, I'm always looking around for him, and I even left the radio on by accident this morning (I leave the radio on for him when I leave for work). India is a small comfort.

I am so thankful for all the good thoughts, vibes and prayers. They are certainly appreciated by Fluffy, India, and me.


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