Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Angel Fluffy's memorial area..

Fluffy's gorgeous urn arrived this morning. I am VERY satisfied with it, mind you for the price I paid, I should be satisfied. haha.. Fluffy has been placed in his special urn, so he is now in his final resting spot. The only thing that is missing is a beautiful figurine of a white angel cat with wings which will be placed next to his urn. He is sadly missed...

His special candle that is being burned for 16 nights. We are on night 12.


diddleymaz said...

a sweet memorial.Why 16 nights for burning the candle? One of our dogs ashes are buried next to our sons, she was his dog.

Mr. Fluffy said...

16 nights for each of the years we were together. :)

Aw, that is exactly what I want when I leave this world too.. I actually want to have his ashes added to mine. I already made my request. :)